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With our Baraba project we would like to inspire adults to reminisce their mischievous adventures of the childhood, to take a moment off from their worries and workload and to think of those carefree days when the most important thing was to play and have fun.

By reminiscing the adults of their mischievous childhood we hope to create more understanding towards the mischievous acts of their own children.

Baraba is the group of mischiefs and entrepreneurs at the same time, of different nationalities committed to do business only under fair policies concerning all parties involved. We may sound idealistic but this is what we believe in. With our creativity we aim to offer you a product that will bring a smile upon you face, products always made under fair conditions.

Instead of showing you the image of suffering children, we want to adopt completely different approach. We want to show you how the reality should be: the smiling mischievous kids full of joy and playfulness; kids in Cambodia, Haiti or Sudan who are not different from those we see in our neighborhood.

By employing the parents of the children and give them a chance to work under safe and fair conditions. The children will not be forced into labor, but instead have time to play.

Out first goal is to build a textile factory in Cambodia, following fair policies with organic textiles as a primary resource.